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Jalen Rose vs Skip Bayless Round 2 was FANNNTASTIC

Unreal. Earlier this morning I posted round one of this blog where Jalen Rose called out Skip Bayless for being a JV point guard as a junior in HS.  After Skip had tweeted about being a great player in HS, but his coach hated him because he shot too much…Skip scored 1.4 ppg.  I thought that would be the end of it.  Skip kinda seemed like he might kill himself yesterday.  It was great.  Show ended and he was saved by the bell.  But…to Skip’s credit he came out swinging in round two.  Just trying to out box Jalen with his lexicon.  Using words like voraciously and germane like it ain’t no thang.  Rose just brushed that aside and said that nobody challenged him.  That to “challenge” someone is to challenge someone to a fight like Jim Everett and Rome back in the day(video below).  To which…Skip…trying to look tough because he knew there was no chance of a brawl, said that he was ready to throw down.  That’s the only way this fight could have gotten better.  If it somehow morphed into an actual fight.  I can’t decide if I have more or less respect for Bayless after this whole thing.  I mean…I guess I couldn’t have less respect for him, that’s impossible because I hate him so much.  Seriously…maybe the best moment in the history of ESPN.

Here is the fight Jalen Rose to which Jalen Rose was referring:


PS: I think the only person I hate more in sports media than Bayless is Jim Rome.


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