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Jalen Rose decimates Skip Bayless



BOOM!!! IN YO FACE SKIP!!!! This is why Jalen Rose is one of my favorite ESPN personalities.  Has no problem calling Grant Hill an Uncle Tom and has no problem calling bullshit on Skip Bayless.  Bayless tweets above were a complete lie.  As a senior he scored total points in 15 games.  Hardly Pistol Pete.  Shot too much and still only averaged 1.4 points per game?  I mean this whole clip was totally awk, but in a good way.  I loved it.  You can tell that Skip is still so ashamed that he played JV basketball as a junior and that someone took the time to look up the fact that he was a scrub and not an all-star.  Jalen nailed him right in his mind.  No coming back from that Skip.  Might as well just retire.

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