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I didn’t see a ton of this game.  I had to watch the Dancing With The Stars results show because I thought that idiot Mark put Katherine’s title in jeopardy.  Then the game started at 8:45 local….that’s late for the Chief.  But most importantly, I just knew the Bulls would take care of the Knicks at home.  They really didn’t need the #BullsBandWagon to pull this one out.  What I did see, is what I am getting used to seeing though.  No Derrick Rose, no problem.  Just a total team game where the Bulls defended and out hustled the Knicks to a win.  Hell, even Korver had a block. Getting blocked by Korver has to be the lowest moment of Shumpert’s career.  Bro might be on suicide watch.  I just don’t know how you come back from that.  The other thing that stuck out was Rip Hamilton.  Yeah he was effective, but good god…he doesn’t really make you believe he will be able to stay healthy with this look..


Face mask, compression sleeve, elbow pad, and a shoulder brace.  Like WTF Rip?  It takes every gadget the training staff has just to keep this guy from falling apart.  At what point does Rip just start duct taping himself?  That’s the next level.  Guy is made of glass.



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