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Moron dance pro almost ruins Katherine Jenkins

On a scale of 1-10 of how badly this Mark the dance pro effed up, last night’s dance was a billion. I mean WTF bro?  Katherine’s strengths are being smoking hot and adorable.  You made her into some goth freak.  Her outfit…leather pants with a cape that covered her ass. Just couldn’t have been more of a monstrosity.  Was Katherine still blazing hot in some weird dominatrix way…yeah of course.  But it’s not a coincidence that her lowest scores ever came when this dope Mark took her out of her element.  That weird routine was like the equivalent of having Tom Brady play Middle Linebacker instead of being the best quarterback of all time.  Could he do it better than most…obviously…he is Tom Brady, but it’s not his strength.  So the only question now is if Katherine Jenkins fires this Mark guy.  Is that allowed? I feel like it should be.  The guy is going to cost her the title.  He is in a race against a bunch of Jeep Liberties and he is driving a Ferrari…and he just crashed it.  Idiot.

Less of this…

More of…

PS: I am 1 billion percent convinced that this Mark dude set up this whole dance so he could have an excuse to get in the ring and try to show her that he is a “tough dancer”.  Here is the deal though…all this MMA bullshit is for people who can’t play real sports.  That and people who do it for some weird form of exercise.  Lying on your back pretending to get punched doesn’t make you tough bro.  Katherine needs to date a real athlete who was tough.  I don’t know…maybe a guy who wasn’t shy about dropping his gloves in USHL showcase tournaments.  4 fights in 3 days.  Anybody know someone like that?

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