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BUBBA!!!! Was that the greatest save in Masters history?

I still can’t quite comprehend how Bubba Watson hit that shot.  Off the pine straw and on to the green in regulation.  He looked dead off the tee.  That second shot will go down as one of the greatest shots in the history of the Masters.  What a fantastic tournament.  I am so happy for Bubba too.  Seems like a genuine, quirky, down to earth guy.

Things I like about Bubba

  • He is American– A friend of mine said that I was prejudice because I referred to Oosthuizen(I think I nailed that spelling on the first try) as an “apartheid m-effer” as a joke because he was South African.  Well it was a joke, but I was rooting for Bubba because he is an American and I am prejudice against all other nationalities…that used to be called patriotism.
  • Color coordinated– I like that it seemed as though the airline lost his bag and he rocked the same outfit everyday. All white with some pink to match his ridiculous pink driver.  It was weird, but I liked it.
  • Everyone else seems to like him– By this I mean the pros.  There was a huge crowd of pros waiting to congratulate him and give him big hugs.  I think that shows how well liked and respected he is among his peers.  Tiger would never get that kind of treatment.


Oh…and then there is this.  In case you haven’t seen it already…Golf Boys:


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