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Is Lebron devastated that Dwight Howard is out-douching him?


This has got to be a hard day for Lebron.  I mean he just has nothing left to hang his hat on.  He doesn’t have a championship.  Durant is going to win the MVP.  He isn’t even the go to guy with the game on the line for the Heat.  Being a complete and utter douche bag was his thing.  Now Dwight Howard has just ripped that title away from him.  I hate a lot of people, but there are varying levels of that hatred.  For instance, Tiger Woods…I regular-hate him.  Alex Burrows…I Lebron-hate Alex Burrows.  Lebron is the highest of measure for hatred, but I seriously need to rethink that because Dwight Howard is on a whole different level.

Howard just has zero redeeming qualities.  He has never improved his game.  He has quit on his team countless times.  Tells the front office to fire the coach.  Then denies it right after Van Gundy tells the media its true.  Then follows up the awk moment by completely bagging the game later that night.  At this point if I am the owner of the Magic I am telling Dwight to go home and trading him in the offseason.  It’s the NBA, his trade value is shit anyways so you aren’t hurting the team by sending him home.  The Magic have a chance to save a little bit of dignity and take a stand against the face of the cultural problem in the NBA.  They won’t do it though.  They’ll probably just fire Stan Van Gundy and tell Dwight that he can sleep with their wives as much as he wants if he will sign an extension.  It’s disgusting.

Lebron isn’t really a competitor and doesn’t care about being the best at anything, but his back is against the wall here.  He needs to fight for his rep, because that’s all he’s got.  Your move Lebron, your move.

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