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Can someone please explain the whole Cubs vs Sox rivalry to me?


Alright, I am a neutral third-party.  I am a Boston transplant.  I have lived in this great city since 1998, and for the life of me I still can’t figure why the Cubs vs White Sox rivalry even exists.  They have never played a meaningful game against each other.  They aren’t in the same division.  Neither are very good.  I tend to like the Cubs more.  It’s a good time at Wrigley.  Pretty girls in summer clothes, luke warm beer, luke warm hot dogs, and I don’t have to run back to my car for fear of getting mugged after the game.  But to me, I don’t understand why there is such venom between the two fan bases.  I get the White Sox have this inferiority complex towards the Cubs because all the hot girls hang out at Wrigley and the White Sox are basically irrelevant.  I also understand that the Cubs have an inferiority complex towards the White Sox since the 2005 World Series.  So…isn’t that a common trait?  The two organizations are different, but we all live here.  Can’t we all just get along?

PS: If you’re a White Sox fan…try to switch sides now.  Epstein is going to morph the Cubs into a powerhouse.  Wrigley is getting renovated. They are going to bring in more money, better players, and shit load of wins over the next 10 years.  Just jump ship now.  Get on the Cubs rocket ship and enjoy the ride.

PPS: Anybody who switches teams is a douche.

Double PPS: Best pizza in Wrigleyville is Ian’s on Clark.  Get that Macaroni and Cheese pizza because regular pizza just doesn’t have quite enough carbs.


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