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Man pays $14 for Picasso original at thrift store. Print worth at least $6,000

(Cleveland)–Thrift stores have often been a popular hunting ground for collectors, but few of them find anything of worth, except for one man. Zach Bodish, a 46-year-old University District resident, purchased what turned out to be an original Picasso print at a Volunteers of America thrift store in Clintonville for $14.14, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Initially, Bodish thought that the print was a reproduction, but he noticed on the corner there was a red signature and after some research he realized that he owned an original artist proof. “I started shaking a little bit,” Bodish told the paper. “I realized it wasn’t going to make me rich, but still, how often do you find a Picasso?” Bodish’s print turned out to be a linocut in which Picasso himself carved a design into a linoleum block. The block was inked and pressed into paper. The print had other signs that it was more than just a reproduction. Written in pencil was an edition number and “original print, signed proof” written in French on the poster. The print’s worth could go up to $6,000 and could double in a gallery. Original prints of Picasso are more common than his paintings, but autographed editions aren’t as easily found. The paper reports that Picasso created this piece in 1958 for an Easter exhibit of his ceramic work in southern France.Bodish isn’t sure on what he’s going to do with his treasure. He was laid off from his job two years ago, and is currently looking for full-time work. “There’s a good chance I’ll probably sell it,” he told The Dispatch. Despite him scoring an original Picasso, Bodish is not a true fan of the print. “I have to admit,” he told the paper, “brown is not my favorite color.”

Ugh!!! I am so sick and tired of stuff like this not happening to me.  First I don’t win the mega millions.  Not even one of those loser $250,000 prizes that they seemed to be giving out like candy.  And now this.  Some dope from Hickville, Ohio bumbled his way into a thrift shop and turns $14 into $6,000 over night.  I am not a math guy, but I know that’s like a bazillion percent ROI.  What a pretentious prick this guy is too.  “Oh I hang out in thrift stores and found this Picasso, but brown is ugly so I am probably just going to sell it”. Whatever Bodish…you still live in Ohio.  6-grand ain’t gonna change that.


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