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Westbrook absolutely YouTuberized Asik


Asik, his balls are about to be on your face…you shouldn’t be high-fiving him bro.


A few of thoughts on the Bulls vs Thunder game:

  • The Thunder are by far the best team in the NBA.
  • ESPN is dumb for suggesting Westbrook does anything better than Rose
  • It’s hard not to LOVE the Thunder.  That team does everything right.  They have great stars and tough role players.  Kevin Durant is definitely my MVP. Lebron can go kick rocks.
  • I am firmly on the #BullsBandWagon, but I will jump to the #ThunderBandWagon in the blink of an eye if it comes down to Thunder vs Heat.
  • I don’t think the out-come of that game would have been very different if Rose played.  Bulls probably don’t get housed, but the Thunder would still be better at 4 of the 5 positions and they have more depth.
  • I think that dunk was the most impressive of the year.  Totally pushed Griffin and Gerald Green down an elevator shaft.


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