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The Flyers vs Penguins game yesterday was fannnn-tastic


Call me a meathead, but I LOVE fighting in hockey.  Especially when it is sparked by something like this.  The spontaneous fights where players step up to defend their teammates is a beautiful thing.  I loved every second of this Flyers vs Penguins game.  Philly-Pittsburgh is the most heated rivalry in the Eastern Conference right now and I pray that the standings stay exactly how they are now so we get a rematch in the first round of the post-season.  These teams play again next weekend and it is going to be must-see TV.

I honestly have no clue what Laviolette is getting all pissy about here.  The hit on Briere was delivered on time and with the shoulder making contact to the chest, separating the man from the puck.  It was a text-book open ice hit.  If you don’t want your stars getting hit at the end of the game then leave them on the bench.  Pittsburgh did nothing wrong here.

Laviolette should be fined for his little tantrum at the end of the game.  He broke a stick over the glass and it flew into the Penguins bench.  What if that caught someone in the eye?  I hate Laviolette.   That was good clean hockey.  Unlike the cross check from behind delivered by Schenn on Crosby away from the play.  Flyers are just the biggest bunch of hypocrites in the Eastern Conference and Laviolette sets the tone.  It’s like they think they have the patent on good hard physical hockey and when anybody else plays that way it should be outlawed.

This was exactly the type of game I was hoping for yesterday.  Speed, skill, vitriol, and violence.  It was the perfect teaser for the playoffs.  We are 9 short days away from the greatest tournament in sports and with every game on national TV for the first time, we are set to have the best spring ever.


PS: I loved Disco Dan’s little smirk during his post game presser.  Can’t find a pic anywhere, but it was a priceless reaction to Laviolette’s little temper tantrum.


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