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Is this half-court ally-oop the most arrogant thing in HS basketball history?


I really don’t know what to make of this.  My first reaction is that this has to be fake.  White kids connecting on and throwing down all-oops from half-court?  Can that possibly be real life?  For the sake of this blog let’s assume that it is indeed real.  So, the question remains, has there ever been a more arrogant play in this history of HS basketball?  You win the opening tip and you call a hail mary on the first play right in your opponents grill?  Just zero respect for their opponents.  I can guarantee you one thing though…if that happened to my team there is no way I am finishing that game.  I would just Kevin McHale the shit out of every single player until the ref ejected me.  Chief don’t play that shit.  As a fan…I am on the fence.  I can’t decide if I absolutely hate it, or absolutely love it.  I mean it’s creative, kind of funny, and the whole white kids dunking kinda does it for me.  At the same time it kinda goes against everything I stand for.


UPDATE: This was from an Iowa HS All-Star game…so I love it.



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  1. Mason
    January 7, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    I was at this game. It’s an all-star game that doesn’t count for anything but bragging rights maybe… All the seniors from our conference play after the season is over. My teammate was on the opposite end of this haha! I don’t think anyone was upset about it

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