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LOCK OF THE CENTURY: Final Four Edition

In case you haven’t been paying attention, I have been absolutely murdering Vegas during the tournament.  Picking winners like 95% of the time. If you have been paying attention, then you know that the previous statement is bullshit.  Only hitting on like 65% of my picks during March Madness and my bracket has been shit since about midnight on the first Thursday.  Law of averages says that I will eventually go back to what I do best…and that’s picking winners.  Here are my National Semi-Final picks for Saturday.

Louisville +8.5 vs Kentucky

8.5 is a huge spread in a Final Four game, let alone a game between two of the biggest rivals in the country.  This is a line that Vegas is putting out there basically begging people to take Louisville.  Louisville is tough.  They are the Big East champs and they really get after you defensively for the full 40 minutes.  I just don’t think that is enough though.  Kentucky is a god damn power house.  They have zero weaknesses.  So even though Vegas is begging people to take Louisville with this 8.5 spread…I think it is a jedi mind-trick.  THE PICK: Kentucky

Ohio State -2.5 vs Kansas

I am so excited for this game. The Robinson vs Sullinger interior match-up is going to be great and which ever big man has the better game will more than likely be playing in the National Championship on Monday.  Typically when I don’t have a rooting interest in a game, I manufacture one to make it more interesting.  9 times out of 10 I will ride the BigTen team.  I was planning on doing that again, but Kansas came up with a real game changer.  A trending movement on twitter right now is #KUBoobs.  It’s exactly what you hoped it would be.  Just hot girls tweeting pics of their cleavage.  So…while my head and heart say Ohio State…my balls say Kansas.  Two votes for Ohio State, two votes for Kansas.  So the only logical thing to do here is…actually…you know what…boobs.  THE PICK: Kansas


PS: The reasons for picking OSU were good, but Kansas’s reasons were bigger.


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