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Dwight Howard embodies everything that is wrong with the NBA

Dwight Howard just summed up everything that is wrong with the NBA here in one minute.  The entire league has a culture problem.  It’s why I can’t stand the NBA.  It’s the most individual of the major team sports.  Guys in the NBA don’t give a shit about the fans, their teammates, or winning as long as they get theirs.  It’s shit like this that has me saying things like “I LOVE basketball, but I HATE the NBA”.  Great sport, terrible league.  Dwight Howard has put his organization through hell and back the past two seasons with all this “trade me, no…love me, fuck you trade me, no…wait nevermind…love me” bullshit.  Then he agrees not to opt out of his deal in Orlando basically to avoid people saying negative things about him.  Tells anyone who will listen that he is “all in” with the Magic.  Then a couple of weeks later he can’t be bothered to join his teammates in the huddle.  I have been saying the NBA culture sucks for years now, and I am glad Legler finally said it too.  I am so sick and tired of the me-first pampered little bitches in the NBA like Dwight, Carmelo, and Lebron.  They are ruining a great sport.  I am so thankful to live in a city where I can watch a superstar basketball player who gets it like Derrick Rose.  I think Rose is just as disgusted with the antics of the Lebrons of the league as I am.  I pray that he snatches championships away from Lebron and Dwight for the next decade.  END RANT.


PS: Sorry about the video and sound quality.  Just turn up your volume.


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