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Beach Volleyball goes from the best women’s olympic sport to the worst overnight: Bikinis banned

(Daily Mail)–Beach volleyball is one of the hottest tickets for the London 2012 Olympics. But anyone hoping it will be a mere celebration of the scantily clad female form rather than a serious sport will be in for a disappointment. It was announced last night that, for the first time, players will be allowed to wear shorts and T-shirts instead of the skimpy bikinis that have become synonymous with the sport. The decision came after complaints from more conservative countries, but it will disappoint some fans hoping to watch a game once likened to ‘Baywatch with balls’. Richard Baker, of the International Volleyball Federation, said: ‘Many of these countries have religious and cultural requirements, so the uniform needed to be more flexible.’ The rules used to demand that female players wear a top ‘closely fitted to the body’ and briefs with ‘a side width no greater than 7cm’. Under the new regulations, they can wear shorts

Hmm…I wonder which “conservative countries” had a problem with chicks in bikinis.  Europe…nope.  USA…of course not.  Brazil…they’d probably play naked if you let them.  That leaves the Middle East.  Way to go IOC.  You took all the fun out of Beach Volleyball to appease one group of countries that isn’t even good at sports anyways.  Like seriously…where does Saudi Arabia get off?  Just because you guys have nothing but sand in your country doesn’t mean you know shit about beach volleyball.  Beach volleyball is all about being able to move freely and exuding confidence.  How are these woman supposed to do anything if they are wearing a burka?  I am all about women’s rights and if these women feel like they need to wear next to nothing to compete then I support their right to choose bikinis.


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