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Well that didn’t take long: Tebow corrupted by Jets, caught in a love triangle


(Newser)–Looks like Tim Tebow can’t quite decide between cherubic blonde Taylor Swift and cherubic blonde Dianna Agron: He invited both the singer and the Glee star to his foundation’s second annual charity golf tournament next month, the New York Post reports. Tebow has been spotted out and about with Swift, but is also rumored to be quite enamored with Agron, who just recently split with actor Sebastian Stan. Click for more about his rumored love for Agron.           


God damn, I bet you are excited Tebow.  Traded to NYC and now is up to his eye balls in hot young celebrity ass.  Tebow gets more chicks than any virgin ever.  If Tebow’s spiral was as tight as his game with the rockets then Denver never would have traded him.  “Oh hey Taylor, yeah totally come to this charity golf tournament with me.  I am really excited that you are coming. So excited.  But hey, just so you know…I am bringing my side piece Dianna Agron with me too.  There is enough Timmy Turbo to go around though. Don’t worry.” Tebow just being fruitful and multiplying like you read about.  Good for you.  Sanchez is probably so jealous.  Competing for snaps on the field, competing for sna— off the field.


PS: I have seen a couple of episodes of Glee, but I don’t think I have ever seen this Dianna Agron girl.  Smoke city.  I have got it bad for that girl.  If she is prancing around in a cheerleader outfit on that show I might just have to start tuning in.



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