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Society is going to force me to watch the Hunger Games and I don’t like it


I really wasn’t planning on seeing the Hunger Games and sure as shit wasn’t going to read it, but I feel like I don’t have a choice.  I despise the whole sci-fi/fantasy/nerd genre.  I never read or saw Harry Potter.  Never read and fell asleep in the theater during one of the Lord of The Rings movies.  I saw one of the Twilight movies with an ex-girlfriend and it was literally the WORST movie I have ever seen.  So I was ready to completely ignore the Hunger Games and not think twice about it because I was sure I would hate it.  But there is one thing I hate more than sci-fi/fantasy and it’s being the only one not doing something.  I was at an event on Sunday and people were like making jokes about chicks with side-braids and I was like “ummm…wtf is so funny about that?” I got a look of confusion from literally everyone in the group like I was some kind of leper because I hadn’t seen the Hunger Games.  It’s like the entire world has this inside joke that I am excluded from.  Well I am for sure NOT going to let that continue.  Society is dragging me kicking and screaming to a movie that I know will suck.  And since everyone and their mother saw it over the weekend I am probably going to have to watch it by myself.  So “one for the Hunger Games” is probably the most embarrassing thing I will say today…I hope.


PS: I feel like chicks are really leading the charge on this movie and I don’t get it at all.  Like what is so appealing to girls about this movie?  Futuristic, post apacolyptic, olympics where kids are drafted to murder each other? I am told there is no love story.  Effing broads.  They just can’t figure out what they like unless it’s what everyone else likes.  But…I gotta play by their rules, so I gotta see the Hunger Games.  If I had my choice of a chick movie to see in the theaters this month it would be Titanic in 3D.  Kate Winslet popping off the screen sounds pretty awesome.


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  1. Julia Inglis
    April 8, 2012 at 5:11 am

    The reason girls like it is because the main character is a girl. I hated this movie and thought the whole “children in combat” theme was a NEW level of depravity for Hollywood to make money!!!!! This could desensitize people and influence behavior.

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