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Mount HateMore Mondays: Vancouver Canucks edition


Everyone hates Mondays.  It’s back to reality.  People are pissed off.  So I figured what better time to allow for some ventilation towards certain people.  This is going to be a weekly feature.  For the inaugural blog for Mount HateMore Mondays I have decided to go with the Vancouver Canucks.  There is no team I hate more in sports than them.  It was tough to limit it to just four, but this is my list.  Who is in your top 4 of most hated Canucks? Hit up the comment section or via twitter.

Alex Burrows is without a doubt number one on this list.  Maybe the scummiest human being to never be arrested(yet).  Burrows chirps, taunts, and hacks…but seldom if ever answers the bell.  Kneeing a man in the balls can be added to hair pulling and biting as his most deplorable on-ice antics.

Max Lapierre is like Burrows’s long lost twin.  Just no class.  He is less skilled than Burrows, and pretty much irrelevant on the ice, but that in a way makes him more disgusting.  He brings nothing to the table from a hockey stand point.  He is just a little shit.

Kevin Bieksa is the one player on this list that I have a sliver of respect for.  He plays the game hard and tough…except when somebody bigger or tougher than him challenges him.  He is a bully.  Sure he will jump the Viktor Stalbergs and Patrick Marleaus of the world, but when an actual tough guy challenges him he folds like a tent.

Alain Vigneault. Coach Man-boobs is probably the most debatable person on this list, but to me he sets the tone for the entire organization.  He just bitches and moans to the refs and the media like it is his job.  He talks like the Canucks are perfect and everyone else is evil.  When in actuality the Canucks are the most gutless team in the league.


Keep polishing those President’s Trophies…



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