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This whole Matt Forte sitch and the Bears off-season


Ok, first things first…I LOVE the Michael Bush signing by the Bears.  In this day and age, even though the NFL is a passing league, you need two running backs.  I think Bears will shift back to being a physical offense with Mike Tice calling the shots, and Michael Bush is his type of back.  He is a big physical bruiser that can be more than just a short yardage back.  Great pick up.  It’s been one of many solid acquisitions this offseason.  The Brandon Marshall deal has a lot of red flags, but the positives out-weigh the negatives.  The Bears also signed Jason Campbell to be Jay Cutler’s backup.  I mean, that might be the most glaring sign that the Bears are becoming a competent organization right before our eyes.  They didn’t over pay for a Mario Williams or Vincent Jackson, and have put themselves in a good position to address other needs via the draft.  They aren’t the Patriots, but at least they aren’t the Jets.

Even though the Bush signing was a positive thing for the 53-man roster…it was still inappropriate.  Matt Forte has been the team’s best player for years, and has been a model teammate and citizen.  Yet the Bears have failed to give him the long-term contract that he has earned.  Forte expressed his frustration via twitter yesterday.


Hard to take issue with anything Forte said here.  The Bears continue to bring in high-priced backups (Bush, Barber, Jones, Taylor), when they should really just pay Matt Forte.  The Bears defense is aging rapidly, and soon the Bears offense will need to carry the team.  Running backs and citizens like Forte don’t grow on trees.  Forte was a second round pick and has delivered incredible value.  Totally out-performed that contract and never held out.  In my humble expert opinion he is a top 3 running back in the NFL.  Pay the man.


PS: To all those morons who say things like “I’d like to be disrespected like Forte”…shut the hell up.  No you wouldn’t.  Yeah he is going to make $7.7m this year on the franchise tag…but that’s not the point.  Even though this is 100% about the money…it really isn’t.  So yeah he is making bank this year, but he still deserves to cash in and get his guaranteed skrilla.  It’s all relative.


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  1. April 13, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    I can’t believe the bears are signing everybody except Forte!!!!!! I’m hearing people say he don’t deserve the $ just move on, r u SERIOUS!!!!! Matt Forte has the 3rd most yards from scrimmage since he’s been in the league, so I’m trying to figure out wht more does he have to do.

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