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Parents build 12 year-old a $1 million night club in their house

(Daily Mail)–Parents often fear for their children’s safety. So one couple, in a bid to keep a close eye on their brood, decided to build a state-of-the-art nightclub in the basement of their London home. Complete with flashing lights, illuminated dance floor and professional DJ booth Claire Farrow, 44, and Ian Hogarth, 56, from West Kensington invested more than £1million to create their ‘dream home’. As well as a soundproofed disco room the property, which has since been valued at between £2.5 million and £3 million, boasts a sauna and film screening room. Their 16-year-old son Gil now enjoys honing his DJ skills while daughter Tilly, 12, regularly invites friends over for after-school clubbing sessions. Mrs Farrow told the Evening Standard: ‘This was our dream house, everything we ever wanted… It keeps the teenagers under your roof so you know where they are. The idea for the dance floor came from that I love dancing, but I’m too old to go out.’ The disco room, which is adjacent to the children’s bedroom, features a dance floor embedded with thousands of pulsing lights, a professional-standard DJ booth and sound system. The Farrows, who run Hogarth Architects in West London, bought the dance floor on the internet from China at a reduced rate of £6,000 – Mrs Farrow said they usually cost five times the price – and the sound system came from a nightclub in Birmingham. And while the children aren’t entertaining guests Mr Hogarth and Mrs Farrow also enjoy throwing some shapes on the disco floor.

Well its official…my parents sucked.  Some parents are awesome millionaires and some parents make you spend your childhood living in New Hampshire.  When I was kid my options were pretty limited for having fun.  I could either play with my sisters(eff that noise) or take the dog and go explore in the woods.  If I wanted to get really wild I would climb the big 12 foot high rock that was back in there.  If it was raining I could either play Mario Kart(which was awesome) or twiddle my thumbs as I waited 45 minutes to get logged into AOL.  Sure as shit wasn’t wheeling chicks at a night club “adjacent to my bedroom”.

My childhood was pretty much normal I guess, so that’s not the depressing part of this story.  The depressing thing is that these 12 year-olds are living my adult life better than I am.  I mean they’ve got sex, booze, and a sick night life just down the hall from their in home movie theater and sauna.  I’d kill for that.  Most nights I am eating a chicken dinner out of the crockpot, watching sports or Modern Family on DVR, working out(yeah right), and then its lights out by 11pm.  Pretty pathetic life style compared to these little pre-teens.  My flirting game would be so tight right now if I grew up getting shit faced at my own night club instead of hanging out with a dog.  Actually…who are we kidding…I don’t see this kid wheeling chicks under any circumstances.

Nice sweater vest…dork! What a loser.


PS: Clean up the bacon neck bro

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