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Blackhawks vs Canucks: Let’s Get Fired The EFF UP!!!

Tonight’s game versus the Canucks is biggest game of the year.  It’s time for the Blackhawks to finally put a stake in the ground and announce to the rest of the league that they are Stanley Cup contenders.  The Blackhawks have been the streakiest team in the league.  This current win streak feels different though.  Crawford is playing well.  Oduya has helped stabilize the back-end.  Kane, Sharp, and Hossa are doing their thing.  I have this sick feeling that the Blackhawks have finally turned the corner.  And they are doing all of this without their captain and best player.  Tonight is the night.  Beating Columbus, Dallas, and Washington is nice, but in order for the Blackhawks to be taken seriously again they need to start beating the top teams.  As gutless and pathetic as the Canucks are, they are still the defending Western Conference champions.

Furthermore…I want BLOOD.  If you look around the league, all the best teams are tough.  The Blues, the Rangers, the Bruins, and the Penguins all have considerable grit.  The Blackhawks have shown more of that lately.  Shaw, Bollig, and Hayes have added a physicality that the team lacked last season.  What made the Blackhawks dynasty team so great was that they could do everything.  They could skate, score, hit, defend, and fight when needed.  Nobody could punk them out of a win.  We already know the Blackhawks can skate and score.  Tonight I want to see a playoff atmosphere where they push the Canucks around.  To win 16 playoff games, you need to win every way possible.  LETS GO HAWKS

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