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Bob Knight HATES Kentucky and I love it

(Yahoo)–Bob Knight refused to say “Kentucky” during weekend segments on ESPN, drawing criticism from media critics who believe Knight’s actions harm college basketball and warrant a full independent investigation. Relax, everybody. The former Indiana coach referred to top-seeded Kentucky as that “team from the SEC” while avoiding uttering the proper name of the school on Saturday. Knight has never hid his disdain for the Wildcats or his antipathy toward coach John Calipari. ESPN refused to comment on the situation. Judging by comments from respected media critics like Richard Deitsch, I must be the only one who finds this amusing and doesn’t think Knight’s juvenile behavior besmirches ESPN’s credibility. This is mainly because I long ago stopped harboring delusions about ESPN’s credibility. The network pays billions of dollars in rights fees to sports leagues that its supposed to objectively cover and this is the ethical conundrum that bothers people? As far as Bristol’s egregious conflicts of interest go, Knight not saying “Kentucky” barely rates. There’s a long line of people who don’t like John Calipari. They’re just better at hiding it than Bob Knight. I can see where people like Deitsch are coming from. In theory, Knight is supposed to be an impartial observer and commentator. “[His] de facto refusal to say the name of a certain SEC school is the kind of petulance I’d expect from a seven-year-old denied a second cup of chocolate ice cream,” Deitsch wrote.


Pretty much a non-story, but I love it anyways.  Bob Knight is such a boss.  The guy hates Kentucky and so do I.  Calapari is as scummy as it gets.  I hope that Kentucky wins it this year so we can enjoy the scandal of them having to vacate it in like 5 years.

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