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Noodle Neck To Denver. Reaction: zzzz/huh?


Peyton Manning is set to officially sign with the Denver Broncos.  The whole thing is kind of anti-climatic because it seemed as though from the word go all people were saying was that he would end up in Mile High Stadium.  Having said that, I never understood why that was the most attractive option.  On paper it seems like the least attractive.  He goes to a team that played a completely different style of offense in the past year.  They have limited offensive weapons.  They play outside in a weird climate.  And finally, they don’t appear ready to win a Superbowl.  Make no mistake about it, the only reason the Broncos even sniffed the playoffs last season was because Tebow was BFF with Jesus.  If the Broncos aren’t playing with the Angels in the Outfield effect then they are probably one of the bottom 10 teams in the NFL.  I think Denver is a sick town.  Plenty of sunshine, live music, great outdoor lifestyle.  If Peyton is going there for that reason, then more power to him.  I’d like to retire in Colorado some day too.  But don’t try to sell me on the idea that he is going there to win.  Elway sold Peyton a bill of goods on this one.  If Peyton goes to San Francisco or Miami I think he is competing for Superbowls tomorrow.  With the Broncos he will probably win division titles and then just get hammered by the Patriots.  Well…maybe this was the right move after all.  Peyton should feel right at home getting knocked out in the AFC Divisional Round playoffs by the Dark Lord.



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