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My bracket is completely screwed before the 1st tip…or is it?


Look it, I know what you’re thinking “Bahahaha!!! The Chief’s bracket is the dumbest thing I have ever seen!!! Connecticut? Vanderbilt? Seriously, the Chief is so effing stupid“. Yeah…stupid like a fox.  I have watched more college basketball this year than the last 5 years combined.  And with all those hours logged in front of the TV I have come to realize that I know less about college basketball than I thought.  But at least I know that.  So without being bogged down by the opinions of experts and reading a bunch of shit and pretending to be some kind of expert I am free to go with my gut this year.  My gut tells me UConn is just as talented as Kentucky.  My gut tells me Calhoun is a better coach than Calapari.  My gut tells me UConn has the experience advantage, the depth advantage, the guard play advantage, and the motivation advantage since this could be Calhoun’s last season as head coach.  And if UConn is good enough to beat the best team, why can’t they beat the rest of the teams?  Yeah…who is stupid now?  Well probably still me because Iowa State can shoot the lights out and UConn doesn’t defend the 3 very well.  And Vandy could be the classic 5-seed to get upset.  So in conclusion I am either a genius or a moron.  I do know that nobody ever got rich by being a pussy.  UConn for the win.  Lock it up.


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