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Carcillo re-signs and gets a raise…wait, what?!?!

(ESPN)–The Chicago Blackhawks agreed to a two-year contract extension with forward Daniel Carcillo, who underwent knee surgery in January. “I’m excited,” Carcillo said Monday. “It was obviously my goal to have a great year here. That really didn’t pan out with the injury. It was kind of out my control. I’m the happiest guy in Chicago to hear I’m coming back for another two years.” The average salary of the contract is $825,000 per season, a source told ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun. The Blackhawks didn’t announce the financial terms of the deal. The Blackhawks acquired Carcillo to add toughness this season, but the results were mixed. He was suspended twice, including once for the hit he made while injuring his knee on Jan. 2. He also was suspended for an incident in last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. “He has a purpose behind the way he plays and he had a tough couple of suspensions he can learn from as well, but at the end of the day he gives us a lot of depth in an area we can use,” Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said.


I don’t even know what to say anymore.  Just when you think Stan Bowman can’t be any worse as a GM, he goes and pulls a stunt like this.  This contract extension makes zero sense.  Carcillo plays a role that every team needs, but he doesn’t play it well in my opinion.  He too often crosses the line.  He takes bad penalties, gets suspended, and doesn’t bring a lot to the table other than his grit.  Carcillo played got some top 6 minutes in his 28 games with the Blackhawks early this season.  Playing alongside some of the best players in the world Carbomb only managed 11 points in 28 games.  He doesn’t kill penalties, he doesn’t skate particularly well, and he plays reckless.  Last season, the market for Carcillo was minimal.  The Blackhawks signed the unrestricted free agent winger to a 1 year $775k deal.  Fast forward 9 months and Stan has decided that after multiple suspensions and a torn ACL Carcillo’s value has somehow gone up by $50k per season.  How does that make sense?  Carcillo would be lucky to get $600k on the open market given his play this season coupled with his serious knee injury.  The Blackhawks don’t have infinite cash to throw around.  We live in the salary cap era where every extra dollar counts.  When Stan replaced Dale Tallon we were told that he was an “expert cap manager”.  Well I haven’t seen one transaction to prove it.  It’s time to fire Stan.  The team is getting worse and he is locking the Blackhawks into bad deal and pissing away assets left and right.  It’s like he is trying to torture Blackhawks fans.  Just messing with our minds as he and his old man are still secretly on the Red Wings payroll.  Seems pretty far-fetched until you realize his true identity.


I’m on to you Ben, you diabolic dick.  Go back to the island and get the hell away from my team!!!!


PS: #FireStan


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