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Anthony Davis’s mom for Mother of The Year

I love this story.  I mean just talk about unconditional love huh? Here is Mrs. Davis, in the stands supporting her son’s right to be an ugly mofo.  A lot of moms would tell their kid to shave his forehead and have two eyebrows.  Not Mrs. Davis.  She has obviously showered her son with so much love that he feels confident enough to go out in public looking like Bert from Sesame Street.  Davis might be the best player in college basketball, but having a unibrow is his thing.  His ugly mug will probably make him more money than his basketball skills ever will.  What does Richard Dent look like….nobody knows.  What does Michael Strahan look like….he’s the dude with a gap between his front teeth that is so big you could kick a field goal through it.  Trevor Hoffman….crickets. Brian Wilson…weird dude with the beard.  Anthony Davis and his mom clearly get that.  Being ugly is a small price to pay in order to have Subway endorsement cash.  Davis will end March as the most recognizable player in the game.  Play on playa.


UPDATE: This Skittles Commercial was made for Anthony Davis. That Unibrow is gonna make him so much skrilla$$$

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