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Mrs Romney thinks she is broke as hell


So it looks like the only person that knows less about connecting with the people than Mitt Romney is his wife Ann.  To say that you aren’t wealthy or don’t consider yourself wealthy is disingenuous because Ann…YOU’RE EFFING LOADED.  More money than Brigham Young and Joseph Smith.  Here is what really pisses me off about this clip though.  Ann Romney obviously feels that being wealthy is a negative thing during campaign season.  That’s disgusting.  When did being successful and earning money become a scarlet letter?  Quite honestly…I want my leaders to be rich as hell.  For one…generally it shows that they have been successful.  They worked hard and did things in life to earn great wealth.  That’s an admirable trait.  Secondly…politics is a filthy profession.  I think that if elected officials already have money, they are less likely to be bought by corrupt lobbyists.  So Mrs. Romney…next time someone asks you if you’re wealthy…make it rain on air.  Just dolla dolla bills all over the TV screen.


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