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US Gov’t to build $750,000 soccer field for terrorists at Gitmo…wait, what?

(The Week)–Soccer is making a comeback at Guantanamo. When the controversial, isolated detention center at the U.S. Navy base in Cuba closed down the open-air Camp 4 so inmates could move to Camp 6, an indoor facility, soccer-loving detainees lost a patch of dirt where they used to play. So, over the last year, a contractor has been constructing a brand new playing field for the prison’s assorted al Qaeda suspects and captured fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan. The surprisingly pricey soccer field will be ready in April. Here, a brief guide to the lengths to which the military is going to keep detainees active:

What is the new field like? It’s about half the size of a regulation field and covered in two-toned gravel. A jogging track encircles the playing field, with shaded spots in the corners. The 28,000-square-foot recreation yard is fully fenced, and flanked by guard towers, lights, and surveillance cameras. Prisoners enter through enclosed walkways to discourage anyone from wandering… or escaping.
How much did all that cost? The final price tag: $744,000. One reason for the hefty cost is the base’s remote location. All construction projects there tend to cost double what they would run in the U.S. But to put that in perspective: The Obama administration says it probably spends $800,000 a year per detainee on basic operating costs for the detention center, which has 1,850 contractors, guards, and other staff members. Gitmo is home to 171 inmates, 120 of whom are housed at Camp 6.

If I was an Islamic dude in a Middle Eastern country, I would be getting on Al-Qaeda’s email list, burning American flags on the reg, and paying cash for plane tickets like it was going out of style.  I mean the entire region is basically on fire right now and that’s before Israel blasts Iran into oblivion.  Getting on the CIA Enemy Combatant list and being taken to Guantanamo has got to be like winning the lottery for those guys.  Three meals a day, tropical climate, a nice cozy bed, you’re mosque cred probably goes through the roof if you ever get out, 77 virgins when you die, and you’ve got a state-of-the-art $750,000 soccer field in your backyard.  Some people say that we should close Gitmo because it’s existence helps Al-Qaeda recruit more terrorists…umm…ya think?  If you’re not some Oil Prince, I gotta think the next best life for a person born over there is to be a prisoner at Guantanamo.  If we close Guantanamo we might just win the war on terror.


PS: The Military says the need the soccer field to entice the “good terrorists” to keep behaving well and to keep up morale.  Umm…I know you guys are the military and are supposed to smart and shit…but have you ever seen what happens when Islamists play soccer?

It’s murders and riots on the reg.  So give the brand new soccer field to literally ANY American High School, and let the terrorists kick rocks.


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  1. mab
    March 1, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    So funny and disturbing. Our government is so stupid sometimes.

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