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Tiger Woods reminds everyone why we hate him


I gotta admit…I was pretty close there for a second to jumping back on the Tiger Woods train.  He kinda had a lot going for him.  All at once he seemed to embody a comeback story, an underdog story, the villain, the hero, and greatness.  I wanted to watch him in the WGC Match Play tournament.  He moves the meter.  And…he’s an American.  It seems like Americans barely even win majors anymore and part of me still thinks that Tiger is our best hope to have a dominant golfer.  But he just summed up his entire personality here in one 90 second interview clip.  The guy is just such an arrogant prick.  So smug.  Just such a punch-able face.  You almost fooled me Tiger.  Almost.  Now I realize that you are still the guy that was so arrogant that he banged a billion pornstars behind his wife’s back because he is Tiger Woods.  And then wonders why people hate him.  I’m out! Keegan Bradley for the win.


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