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Is there a more obnoxious analyst or person on earth than Jeremy Roenick?


I can’t stand Jeremy Roenick.  The guy is a complete fraud. Roenick is just a joke.  His career was  joke.  Just a guy who wasn’t a good enough leader to be the best player on a Stanley Cup winner.  His most memorable playoff moment was getting Patrick Roy shutting him down and embarrassing him in the media.  He was a character. A sideshow.  A guy who had to beg an old teammate to let him back in the NHL so he could chase down 500 goals.  He was a guy more concerned with being in commercials and movie cameos than winning.  Now all those years of soundbites, TV spots, and endorsements has landed him an analyst job with NBC Sports.  This latest thing with Milbury illustrates that he just doesn’t get hockey.  Milbury nailed it.  Hockey has to change its mentality.  The NHL can’t have it’s best players missing games because of hits to the head.  Players need to make plays on the puck and stop targeting the head.  Roenick calling Milbury soft is a pathetic attempt to embarrass a guy using logic and winning the argument.  JR had to resort to name calling because he isn’t quick-witted enough to actually debate with Milbury or anybody else for that matter.  I hope the door does hit him on the way out.  JR needs to go away.



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