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Ever heard of Tazer Ball?

So I saw this video when it first came out about a month ago and it’s starting to go viral now.  People saying “oh that’s crazy!!! Those guys are so tough!!!”. I don’t want to come off as a some kind of tough guy…but I think this sport is for pussies.  First thing…there’s a giant soccer ball, nothing more soft than soccer.  Then instead of hitting people like in a real sport, you just zap them with a tazer.  Big deal.  I’ve been shocked by an electric fence dog collar…wasn’t that bad.  I assume being tazed is worse, but if you give me the option of having Ray Lewis tackle me going full speed or Ray Lewis running up to me…stopping before contact…and sticking me with a tazer I am taking the tazer a billion percent of the time.  Like honestly…I couldn’t be less intimidated by this guy…

That guy can give me the throat slashing sign all he wants, but he is the one humping a giant soccer ball while wearing elbow pads.  So I will stick to playing real sports even though I’d probably dominate these ex-lacrosse players in Tazer ball.

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