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Bus driver rams biker on purpose



If there are two things I hate about driving in the city its buses and people riding their bikes.  So while I am sure this bus driver is getting fired for basically trying to murder this guy…I don’t hate him for it.  The guy on his bike was riding like a dickhead.  Just cruising along in the middle of the road at like 5 miles per hour with no regard for anybody but himself.  The bus driver taught this guy a lesson.  If you don’t want to get smashed…don’t ride your bike in the street.  It’s that simple.  Having said that…eff this bus driver.  He is real tough smashing a dude on his little bike.  This is such a city bus driver move it’s not even funny.  I can’t tell you how many times bus drivers have tried to force me into a head-on collision rather than let me pass.  They are the biggest asshole drivers on the planet.  I hope the judge throws the book at this guy.



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