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This little gremlin looking thing won dog of the year?

(Huffington Post)–A placid Pekingese slowly  trotted to victory on Tuesday at the 136th Westminster Kennel  Club dog show, beating a Dalmatian, a German Shepherd, a  Dachshund and three other canines to become the first of his  breed to win the prestigious annual event since 1990. Malachy, a four-year-old dog formally known as Ch.  Palacegarden Malachy, charmed the packed Madison Square Garden  arena crowd, who roared their approval when his win was  announced.


Honest to god, if you just showed me pictures of this thing and gave me ten tries to guess what type of animal it was I don’t think I would have said dog.  That has to be the ugliest thing ever to be called a dog.  It looks like a cross between a rat, a three-toed sloth, and a skunk.  Yet somehow the people over at The Westminster Dog Show decided that this gross little gremlin was dog of the year.  No clue how that happened.  The thing doesn’t even have legs or a nose.  Unless this was the Westminster Special Olympics Dog Show I don’t understand how a furry rodent with no legs could be the World’s number one dog.  On that note…Riley…do the people a favor and throw some blue steel in their face.


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  1. Michaela
    February 16, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    omg Riley hahahahah

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