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The Bachelor Review: Courtney kills another one

Look at Emily here.  Just so smug.  Thinks she is so smart.  Thinks that her nemesis Courtney is going home.  Then two seconds later…

Boom, KILL SHOT.  This Emily chick is supposedly a PhD student.  I hope to God she isn’t studying psychology because NOBODY is gonna hire this chick after the way Courtney just destroyed her.  Courtney took her game to an entirely different level last night.  Just unbelievable mind games.  It’s one thing to just overtly flaunt your sexuality to the point where it throws the other girls off base.  It’s quite another to tell the dude on the show that she “isn’t feeling a spark” and isn’t sure if she wants him to meet her family.  Just threw the guy for a loop.  She topsy-turveyed that m-effer.  He was basically begging her to stay on.  Unreal.  Then pre-rose ceremony she tells the other girls that she really doesn’t care if she gets a rose.  So much confident sexual swag oozing out of Courtney that I can’t even handle it.  Even survived the anti Team Courtney intervention.  She has every girl running scared.  Team Courtney against the world.  Haters gonna hate.


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