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Alright seriously, what planet are Russians from?

Singing the lyrics like they are gargling water and accordions are guitars.  I had no idea what was going on here, but the people in the audience just ate it up.  There are a lot of weirdo cultures in the world, but I think Russia takes the cake.  Every day there is some viral video of Russians just doing crazy shit.  Can’t believe these guys were/are-going-to-be-again one of the world’s superpowers.  They just seem like such a backwards people.  Putin still scares the crap out of me though.


PS: Is the accordion the new hotness in Communist countries?  Just had North Koreans playing “Take On Me” last week.

PPS: Any time you see one of these videos from like Russian x-factor, Ukrainian Idol, or The Brazilian Voice, all the songs are in English.  Does everyone everywhere speak English or is our music just so much better than everyone else’s that it’s better to sing an American song that’s awesome rather than a song from your native culture?


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