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Grammys Recap

Full disclosure…I pretty much hate all awards shows and seldom watch.  I don’t understand how anybody can say somebody had the song of the year or album of the year.  It seems very subjective to me.  I feel like which ever album sold the most should be album of the year, but whatever.  That’s just me being a capitalist I guess. I watched from start to finish.  Here is the recap.

Good performance by Jennifer Hudson.  Probably the only chick in the business with pipes to be able to sing that song.  She didn’t come close to Whitney’s rendition, but whatever…who could?  I would have preferred her transition immediately into “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” after finishing up the tear jerker.  End on a high note.

When did everyone decide it was cool to like Chris Brown again?  I mean of all the people to get two performances showcased the Grammys pick the guy who brutally beats women?  Yeah I get that he dances like he’s Gumby, and his astrocrag stage was pretty cool, but the guy is scum.  He doesn’t even sing.  Am I the only one who feels this way, because I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

Umm…hey Adele…you need a hand with those? I think everyone on the planet is contractually obligated to love Adele.  She just crushed the Grammys.  Probably walks in next year and asks people who is coming in second place.  The girl has pipes for days and that British charm.  I love Adele.  You love Adele. If you don’t like Adele, you’re probably going to hell where you’ll meet…

Umm…WHAT?!?! Seriously, wtf was that?  Pretty God damn horrifying if you ask me.  I just didn’t get it on any level.  How duped does the Pope feel right now? Agrees to escort Nicki Minaj to the Grammys and then she just flat out demonizing the Catholic Church right in his face.  I feel like I need to go to confession just because I watched that.  If they made a haunted house of that theme next halloween I would piss myself.  That’s just a fact.  I think this officially launches Nicki Minaj ahead of Lady Gaga in terms of people I hate most.  Speaking of Gaga

Can’t explain it, but by the end of the night I was kinda digging this look.  Seemed quite tame compared to the other freaks out last night.  Gaga classed it up and errored on the side of normal for the 2012 Grammys.

I think its official.  Katy Perry has officially gotten too hot for her own good.  Blue hair and a table cloth for a dress.  WTF Katy?  She needs to go back to kissing girls because this whole ironical hipster thing is NOT working.  Less of the picture above and more of the picture below.

Old guys were good across the board.  The Boss kicked off the show and did his thing.  Beach Boys totally up-staged the young guys trying to pay tribute to them.   Sir Paul was kind of a buzzkill, but whatever.  The old dude that totally stole the show was Glen Campbell singing “Rhinestone Cowboy”.  Just a great old country song.


I dig Bon Iver, but I gotta admit…I wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of a lineup before last night.  I think I can say with conviction that Bon Iver has to be the ugliest guy ever to win a Grammy…or even just an award.   You’re in showbiz Bon, clean it up.


Aside from Nicki Minaj claiming my soul I’d say the Grammys were pretty solid.  The Grammys have to be better than regular award shows because its basically a concert the whole time.


PS: I loved the Chipotle Willie Nelson commercial.


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