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Bulls vs Celtics Recap

Bulls 91 Celtics 95

Rose didn’t play, Rondo took advantage.  Bulls played tough, kept coming back, not enough in the end, blah blah blah.  What the hell was  up with Carlos Boozer’s head?  He went from…


Like seriously…what is going on there?  Is that shoe polish? Spray paint?  Hey Carlos, I get it.  You’re going bald.  You hair line can’t get away from your face fast enough, but you’re rich bro.  You can pay to go down to Bosley or whereever and get a hair transplant.  Taking a sharpie to your head is probably not the way to go.  Just saying.


PS: How much shit did KG give Boozer for this?  Like, could Boozer’s insecurities being picked on by KG been the difference in the game?

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