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Don’t “de-friend” anybody on Facebook because you WILL get murdered

(Newser)–Two Tennessee men have been charged with killing a couple over what police describe as a “senseless and stupid” motive: A defriending on Facebook. Marvin Potter, 60, was enraged by the couple’s decision to scratch his 30-year-old daughter from their list of friends, according to police. The two were found shot dead in their home, with their 8-month-old daughter lying unharmed in her mother’s arms, reports AP. Potter was charged with first-degree murder after an intensive week-long police investigation, reports the Johnson City Press. Investigators found that the couple had complained about Potter’s daughter harassing them on the Internet and over the phone. A friend of Potter’s, who police said had romantic feelings for his daughter, has been charged as an accessory to murder.


Obviously a pretty disturbing story, but this is exactly why I will NEVER de-friend somebody on Facebook.  If I had to guess I’d say I know about 5% of my friends on Facebook. I can say with confidence that of that 5% none of them would murder me.  The other 95%…who effing knows.  I haven’t talked to most of them in years and they could have turned into the dude from Billy Madison.  Me un-friending them could put me firmly on their “people to kill list”.  I want ZERO part of that.  So just continue to let all of these people continue to stalk you so they won’t kill you.  It’s the safest thing to do.


PS: Not that I would ever actually murder someone, but it really stings when I lose followers on twitter.  I have been just hovering around 575 for months.  It sucks.  Been blogging my ass off over here people.  Let’s push this thing over a thousand so I don’t go on a rampage.  Ok? Cool, thanks.


PPS: Like the Facebook page. DO IT… please


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