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The Bachelor: Courtney’s destruction of Jamie was RUTHLESS


Just when you thought Courtney couldn’t get anymore diabolical she goes and kills Jamie.  Poor sweet little nurse Jamie never stood a chance.  Tries to assert herself and get some alone time and then Courtney comes throws a white bikini in everybody’s eyeballs.  “Hola, don’t mind me I am just dominating this bikini and scrambling your brain waves”. What a move.  Courtney even had Jamie admitting how hot she looked.  This was maybe the biggest power move in the history of The Bachelor.  Jamie got so psyched out that she thought she would try to out-sexy Courtney…big mistake.  Huge.


Courtney just calling her shot like Babe Ruth.  Jamie trying to go toe-to-toe with Courtney with sex-appeal led to the most awkward make out session I have ever seen.  Borderline unwatchable. If you are fighting Tyson in his prime, you don’t try to win a slugfest.  It’s not going to work.  And that’s essentially what Jamie tried to do when she horrifyingly jumped on Ben.  But Courtney does that to bitches.  Jamie was too much of a nice girl.  Nice girls can’t win this game. Courtney wins these battles before they are fought.  Just pure intimidation and psychological warfare.  I am on Team Courtney because I am afraid to be on any other team.  Play on player.


PS: wow


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