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MLB Farm System Rankings: Cubs and Sox have work to do


20. Chicago Cubs–An unfairly maligned system, in my opinion — not a great system, but not a disastrous one. And I say that as someone who’s relatively bearish on some of the Cubs’ more famous prospects.

Not a particularly great showing by the Cubs, but Epstein has already taken strides to improve the Cubs’ system.  It should be noted that the biggest move made by the Cubs this winter was acquiring First base prospect Anthony Rizzo.  Rizzo has long been admired by Theo.  Rizzo was once property of the Red Sox, but was dealt to San Diego as a part of a package to acquire all-star 1B Adrian Gonzalez.  Rizzo’s presence in the Cubs’ system is probably the biggest reason why the Cubs chose not to pursue free agent Prince Fielder.  Epstein has stated that he wants to build a sustainable winner from the ground up, and he will no doubt continue that process going forward.

30. Chicago White Sox–And they’re not particularly close to No. 29, either. When you don’t spend money in the draft, you’re not going to fare well in anyone’s organizational rankings. The new collective bargaining agreement, which clamps down on teams’ ability to acquire premium talent in the draft through higher bonuses, was the result of a long-standing effort by White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who wanted to force other teams to play by his rules.

Pretty harsh words from Keith Law on the state of the White Sox organization.  The White Sox are locked into some bad long-term contracts and according to ESPN there isn’t much help on the way either.  It appears as though dark days are ahead for the White Sox.  To me it seems as though Keith Law is taking a shot at Jerry Reinsdorf about the changes he wanted in the draft process.  I actually like the rule change that Jerry Reinsdorf “forced”.  So many times in the past you would hear about a top 5 talent slipping to Yankees at like pick 28 because they were the only team willing/able to pay the kid.  I am always in favor of a rookie wage scale and would like small market teams to have a chance to compete by at the very least developing their top draft picks.  Keep being a hard-ass Jerry.


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