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Demi Moore spiraling out of control, checks into rehab to break her Red Bull addiction…wait what?

(Daily Beast)–Google “Demi Moore Red Bull addiction.” You’ll score nearly 2 million hits. Most call Moore a Red Bull addict. She’s had this crimson bovine on her back for 10 years, they say, and that’s why she checked into rehab last week. Moore allegedly used Red Bull as a meal replacement. Ask any anorexic: Sweetness satisfies. A can of Red Bull contains 27 grams—that’s seven teaspoonsful—of sugar. Caffeine’s appetite-suppressant powers are legendary, and the beverage is full of the stuff. And Red Bull’s ability to elevate energy, well, just take a sip. According to at least one study, merely believing that caffeine speeds us up can speed us up. Other academic findings link moderate caffeine consumption with improved concentration, decision-making, problem-solving and short-term memory, not to mention endurance. A University of Saskatchewan–affiliated study found that Red Bull “significantly increased upper-body muscle endurance.” A University of the West of England–affiliated study found that Red Bull “significantly improved” both aerobic and anaerobic performance on stationary bicycles, and was linked to “significant improvements in mental performance” involving choice-reaction time, concentration, and memory. Another study, from the University of Utrecht, found that Red Bull “significantly improves driving performance and reduces driver sleepiness during prolonged highway driving.”

Lindsay Lohan must be just spinning in her grave.  I mean unless Red Bull is like some new code word for meth or heroine, I have lost all respect for Demi Moore.  Hey Demi, you know who else has a caffine addiction?…the rest of America.  I don’t know shit about drugs because they scare the bejesus out of me, but I do know that Demi Moore sucks at them.  First she’s doing whip-its, just enhaling all the toxic whipped cream gas she can get her hands on and now this Red Bull addiction.  What’s next?  Is she going to start popping children’s Tylonel?  Clean it up Demi.  You’re a celebrity for Christ sakes.  America loves a good come back story.  If she had a real addiction she would be back on top after a short 90 days in a rehab clinic.  Nobody wants to root for the millionaire celebrity down her luck, trying to pick up the pieces of her life after her battle with a dessert topping and an energy drink.
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