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BREAKING NEWS: Women’s Pro Soccer Season Cancelled

(Newser)–The thrill of victory was quickly followed by the agony of defeat for US women soccer players this week. The good news: They won a berth in the London Olympics. The bad: The 2012 season of the Women’s Professional Soccer League has been canceled. At issue is a legal battle with a controversial owner of one of the teams. Dan Borislow, who made a fortune with his magicJack Internet phone system, was bounced from the league at the end of last season. He’s fighting that decision in court, and WPS officials are suspending this year’s season to “address the legal issues head-on before moving forward with competition,” according to a statement. News of the season shutdown followed shortly a 4-0 Olympic-qualifying victory over Canada by the US women’s national team. WPS players Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan played a key role in the win, each scoring two goals. Complicating the ongoing league battle are different positions on Borislow. He made trouble over everything from team uniforms to stadium advertisements to location (he moved the Washington Freedom to Florida), and a union bullying grievance was filed against him, reports the Guardian. But Wambach supports Borislow. “He’s got some ideas up his sleeve and if you know me, I’m always going to back that guy,” says Wambach

In other news….there was a Women’s Pro Soccer league.


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