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Superbowl 46 Prop Bets Guide

 Superbowl MVP:

Tough to go with just one pick here so I will give you three.

  • The Favorite: Tom Brady, 7-5 odds.  Tom Brady has promised Mr. Kraft that he will play better than he did in the AFC Championship and Tom Brady is a man of his word.  I fully expect Tom to be Tom.  He will be the best quarterback in the game and will be the best quarterback of all-time when it is all said and done.  Won’t be a huge pay out, but Brady is the obvious choice.  If the MVP of the game is somewhat vague, it almost always goes to the QB of the winning team.
  • Mid-Range: BenJarvis Green-Ellis, 25-1 odds.  I expect the Patriots to have a balanced attack in this game.  The Patriots’ run game is very underrated.  The Firm will be running behind the Light, Mankins, Waters, and Volmer(I expect him to play) plenty of times as the Pats will look to pound the Giants defensive line and make them respect the run.  Look for the Pats to use many heavy sets bringing in Solder as the extra tackle and Gronk up on the line.  If the Firm gets close to 100 yards and punches in a couple of scores, he could very well be the MVP.
  • Long Shot: Vince Wilfork, 75-1 odds. Vince Wilfork was easily the best player on the field in the AFC Championship.  He is a dominant defensive tackle who repeatedly comes up with big plays.  Already this post-season Wilfork has 9 tackles and 2.5 sacks.  If he single-handedly destroys the Giants offensive line like he did against the Ravens, Vince Wilfork may be the first interior lineman ever to win the Superbowl MVP.  75-1 odds are too good to ignore.  He was MVP of the last game without a doubt.

The Coin Toss: Heads -105 Tails -105

Tails never fails.

What color will Madonna’s hair be at the start of the half-time show:

Blonde -400

Any other color +250

I am not up on Madonna’s current hair color, but I think she throws us a curveball here.  I am feeling anything but blonde.

How many times will Peyton Manning be shown on TV during game? Over/Under -3.5

Over -130

Under –110

I don’t remember them showing Peyton all that much the last time these two teams played, but I think the over is the obvious choice.  It’s his stadium, it’s his little brother, it’s his biggest rival, and his future is the biggest story in the NFL outside of the game itself.


How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown during the game?: Over/Under .5

Over -160

Under +120

Please god, let it be over.


Eli Manning Interceptions: Over/Under .5

Over –200

Under +160

Not a great pay-out, but the over is the play.  Eli has always been interception prone, and say what you want about the Patriots defense but they make plays.


Total carries for BenJarvis Green-Ellis: Over/Under 12.5

Over -130

Under -even

Ridley is the team’s best running back, but the Firm is the most reliable.  I think he gets 15 carries.  To me this is the easiest prop bet on the board.

Total catches for Wes Welker: Over/Under 7

Over -125

Under -105

This has to be an over as well.  With Gronk’s status and effectiveness up in the air due to his ankle injury, Wes will become an even more important weapon.  Welker caught 122 passes this season including 9 against the Giants in week 9.


There it is.  Your sure-fire Superbowl 46 prop bets.  Reading those different lines gave me severe anxiety so excuse me while I go throw up.  Pats need to get this one.  Come on boys.


PS: I refuse to use roman numerals.  Eff that noise.  Its the dumbest thing about the Superbowl.


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