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Is this the most disgusting cheerleader of all-time?

(Yahoo Sports)–It’s one thing for professional athletes to have to make an ethical decision about using steroids, but college cheerleaders? Anna Watson has to be America’s strongest female cheerleader; the University of Georgia student loves spending time in the weight room, and it certainly shows. But she has more important things in her life: Watson passed up a big money fitness modeling contract because she refused to use a legal steroid. “It’s an elite position to be a cheerleader at UGA,” Watson told Red and Black, her school’s award-winning student newspaper. “They have hundreds of girls try out, and to be selected out of all of those people to be on the team, it’s kind of a big deal. So those girls were very humble and gracious and patient to help me just learn the basic stuff.”Watson has been cheering since age 5. She can bench press 155 pounds, squat 255 pounds and dead lift 230 pounds. According to the school newspaper, she added an impressive four inches of muscles on her arms in just 10 months.A deeply religious junior exercise and sports science major, Watson was on the brink of a $75,000 fitness-modeling contract that could have set her up for a lifetime career in modeling — but she turned it down.

Umm…GROSS!!! Look it honey, congrats on being the most jacked cheerleader ever I guess…but you look disgusting.  Nobody wants a girl like that.  Not even lesbians.  Cheerleaders are supposed to be petite, hot, and flexible.  They are supposed to be eye candy.  They aren’t supposed to be more jacked than the players on the field.  This girl is giving the whole state of Georgia a bad name.


PS: Next time try to look like this…


PPS: Kinda hate that when I google “hot Georgia cheerleader” over half of the images that come up are of Ms. Protein Shake up there.  Clean it up google.


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  1. your bitch slap
    March 8, 2012 at 10:00 am

    you’re pathetic!are you even a cheerleader?please, cheerleaders don’t just look cute, you need strenght to lift people! yes , you do not need that much strenght for cheer; but this Watson girl likes lifting weight, so what? people like you are disgusting,not like her! get a life douche

  2. adamc
    November 28, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    I think shes hot, variety the spice of life and all…youre just boring

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