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NHL All-Star Weekend Preview

Last night the NHL held a fantasy draft to determine the teams for the All-Star game for the second year in a row.  I love this idea.  It’s a fun little wrinkle that adds another event to the overall All-Star weekend.  I know I am a hockey guy, but I can say without bias that the NHL has easily the best all-star weekend.  NFL is obvi the worst.  Followed by the NBA where they shock you by playing even less defense than the normal.  MLB is ok, but the Home Run Derby has become incredibly stale and if I hear Chris Berman call another home run I seriously might just kill myself.  The NHL all-star game has the best personalities in sports and the skills competition is actually very enjoyable.  It’s a great celebration of the game.

Last night was a great way to kick things off, and Fantasy Draft was pretty solid TV.

Team Chara = Team Ugly

I love all three of these guys.  Even though I hate Russian hockey players, I hate the Red Wings, and more recently I hate the Bruins, I still respect the hell out of these three and love watching them play.  But let’s call a spade a spade…these dudes are mutants.  Just your run of the mill Eastern European freak show hockey players that looked like they may have been exposed to Chernobyl fallout as kids behind the Iron Curtain.  To paraphrase Scott Harnell…Ugliest guys in the league.  The ugliest.


You Gotta be rooting for Team Ugly

Even though Team Alfredsson has Hank Lundqvist and two New England Prep kids(Jon Quick and Keith Yandle) I am still pulling for Team Ugly.  Team Alfredsson has both Sedin Sisters, Jason Spezza(who I hate), and division rival Shea Weber.  No effing thank you.  Team Ugly is filled with great hockey players, both Blackhawks, and a bunch of former Hawks.

Speaking of the Sedin Sisters…their 3rd ugly sister showed up last night

Team Ugly is going to win both the skills competition and the game

Chara will bring home hardest shot obvi.  Datsyuk will win any stick handling competition. Gaborik will win fastest skater. Kessel wins accuracy. And I like Team Ugly’s goalies better too.

Milbury thinks the game needs tweaking…


Fantasy draft with a mini 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 tournament could be interesting as a way to spice of the game.  Milbury just bringing the heat on the reg.



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