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Kevin Garnett got in a bar fight last night


Everyone in this town seems to hate Kevin Garnett.  Even Noah was crying about how KG was mean to him or some shit.  Is KG the biggest asshole in the NBA?…you bet.  Do I care?…not for one second.  KG is full tilt, full-time.  I dig that about him.  He’s a winner.  Every championship team needs at least one guy with this kind of fire.  I think the Bulls have that in Rose, albeit in a quieter manner.  Celtics got off to a slow start and everyone wrote them off…BIG MISTAKE.  The Celtics are old, but if they can get healthy in time for the playoffs they are still a legit contender.


PS: If you are LA or New Jersey do you even want Dwight Howard anymore?  He is supposed to be one of the best players in the league and a leader.  In back to back games against the Celtics his team got blown out and scored only 56 points, then followed that performance up by blowing a 27 point lead in the second half.  That’s pathetic.  That shows lack of character.  Anybody that will let that happen to them is not a guy you want to build your team around.


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