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Did you hear the one about the girl who beat up her BF over a bad hair cut?

(Daily Mail)–The first time my ex-wife’s temper turned from vicious insults into violence was after I’d had a haircut she didn’t like. She dragged me down the hall by my hair, punching the back of my neck. Soon after, she repeatedly hit me on the head with a telephone receiver after she didn’t approve of the way I’d spoken to my mum. And, most absurdly, she set about my shins with a child’s plastic golf club after I’d hung my underwear out to dry without folding it the right way. According to recent British Crime Survey statistics, a third of domestic violence victims are male. Did I say anything to anyone? Or leave her? No, I didn’t. For, like thousands of other male victims of domestic violence, I was mortally ashamed of what was happening to me, convinced if only I was a better husband, these attacks would stop. I made light of what was happening, even though it robbed me of my confidence and self-esteem. After all, I was a man. How could I be a victim of someone nearly half my size? Except I was. And it’s not just me. According to recent British Crime

I am really on the fence with this whole story.  I get where both parties are coming from.  You people will probably be shocked to hear this after reading the blog post from the other day, but I have struggled with bad haircuts my entire life.  My head is like one big effing cowlick.  Sticking up everywhere in every direction.  Total mess.  After years of searching I finally found a hair girl who is both hot and talented enough to tame that mess.  There is not much worse than having a bad cut.  This guy probably came home looking like a complete jackass and it dawned on this girl that she has only two options for the next several weeks…A) Be seen in public with her boyfriend whose hair sucks or B) Be a shut in until that mop grows out.  Neither option is all that appealing.  So obvi she snapped and beat the hell out of him.  I mean…I sympathize with the guy one many levels…but I still get this chick losing it.  Hopefully some day she will find a guy with hair like this…



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