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This kid can Spelling Bee for my team any day

So the name of this YouTube video is “Heron Spelling Bee Fail”…umm for sure effing NOT a failure.  The National Spelling Bee is not for the weak.  It’s a mental war of attrition.  You gotta do whatever you can to get an edge.  This kid obvi wants to be the first non-indian to win the competition in like 25 years and he’s using psychological warfare like you read about.  This kid had the judge sounding out every syllable.  She was like one more “hair-line?” question from just spelling the word out herself.  The other kids just looked effing defeated.  The Heron kid was so deep in the other contestants’ heads it’s not even funny.  You could just tell they started thinking about how they should have gone to bathroom before the competition and wondering what was for dinner.  This kid can spelling bee for my team any day.  He gets it.  Never broke a smile, just broke the heart of the competition.  Play on playa.



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