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Real talk time: Is Steve Montador the worst fighter in NHL history?


Ok, let me preface this whole thing with the fact that I love Steve Montador.  He always is willing to stand up for a teammate or scrap when the team needs a jolt of energy.  I think he will end up being a real nice piece as the Blackhawks 6th defenseman for the next several years(Now if they can just find a definitive 3rd and 5th defenseman the Hawks will have something cooking).  Having said that…I think last night proves that Montador is the worst fighter in the NHL.  He pretty much got destroyed by Brandon Yip last night.  BRANDON YIP!!! The Boston University wuss with three career fights.  Montador made Yip look like Jackie Chan.  You gotta give Monty credit though.  It doesn’t matter how many times Montador gets his teeth knocked in, he will continue to throw bombs against the toughest guys in the league.  Cam Janssen, Shawn Thornton, Jared Boll, Brad Winchester, Steve Ott, BJ Crombeen, Tim Jackman, Jamal Mayers, Ben Eager, Chris Neil…Monty has taken beating from them all.  Here’s the important thing to remember about hockey fights though…who wins seldom matters…you just need to respect the hell out of a guy who answers the bell.



PS: Unrelated, but how badly does everyone wish Stan Bowman signed Mike Rupp to be another tough guy instead of Dan Carcillo?  I fell in love with Rupp during HBO’s 24/7 show.  3 years at 1.5 million per season is a little steep, but character guys like that don’t grow on trees.  The Hawks with Mayers, Shaw, Montador, and Rupp would have been one of the toughest in the league. And I don’t care what anybody says, you need to have guys that fight to win the Cup.  Two best teams in the NHL right now are the Rangers and the Bruins…no coincidence that they are ranked first and second respectively in fighting majors this season.


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