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Is this alligator the biggest bitch of all time?


I had such high hopes for this video when it started out.  We had a some dumbass cat face to face with the ugliest, scariest, meanest animal of the south.  Best case scenario, the alligator bites this cat’s head off.  Worst case scenario, he just eats all the chicken right in that stupid cat’s face.  Just takes the cat’s lunch money and slides back into the water with a big grin on his face.  Instead this gator gets punked.  Like are you kidding me bro?  It’s a god damn cat.  You let it bitch-slap you in the face twice and get away with it.  Unreal.  If you thought cat’s were fake-tough arrogant assholes before, wait until this video gets out.  Even the cat’s owners were praying for a death-blow from the gator.  Just put the entire species on notice that you can’t be a hardass and get away with it forever…NOTHING.  Alligators just letting all of Earth down on this one.  Ten bucks says this is the first gator killed in season 3 of “Swamp People”.


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