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Chicago man calls 911 to challenge Cops to a fight…

(Chicago Tribune)–A 38-year-old Willowbrook man accused of calling 911 and asking to fight a police officer faces felony battery and resisting arrest charges, police said on Monday. Police said John R. Pacella, of the 200 block of Stanhope Drive, was arrested after a 911 call from a man who “wanted to see an officer because he wanted to fight with them” about 4 a.m. on Jan. 19, police said. When officers arrived at Pacella’s home, he shoved the officers, according to a police report. Pacella was booked into DuPage County Jail, where he remains on $100,000 bail, according to jail records.  He is charged with aggravated battery, resisting a police officer, and battery with intent to provoke or insult – all felonies – records indicate. Willowbrook police say they have had prior contact with Pacella, who is registered sex offender.


This has to be every cop’s dream, right?  I mean this is why you work those shitty hours, this is why you lift all them weights.  Some registered sex offender calls up the police station and challenges the force to a good old-fashioned dust-up.  I feel like every other night has to suck as a cop.  Dangerous as hell, you see effed up shit, and you gotta deal with the scum of the earth.  So answering that call had to feel like employee appreciation day for the Willowbrook Cops.

But…that’s where this story takes a turn.  I mean that mug shot sure as hell doesn’t look like a photo of a guy who just got tuned up by Chicago Cops.  He’s grinning like an idiot.  I was fully expecting this dude to be a bloody mess.   Then, on top of that…this guy got arrested and charged with three different felonies.  Umm…it takes two to tango.  If the Cops want to oblige this guy and show up at his house for a fight, that’s fine.  Go nuts.  But after the guy is beaten to a pulp I think that’s the end of it.  If they didn’t want to fight, just don’t show up.  To show up to a fight, refuse to fight, then arrest the guy anyways like a violation of guy-code.

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